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The Lawyers at Martin´s Attorneys at Law are active at consulting the Clients within Swiss national and International Law.They have completed the common legal Career path, however are also acrive in different Business Areas. It allows them to consider the tasks not only from legal Point of view but also from the Business prosepctive.

Jürg Martin

Jurist, Dr. of Law (CH)
Approved for Swiss court

Xavier Bédat

Jurist, MLaw (CH)

Tanja Malacarne

Juristin, BLaw (CH)

Ayse Gül Öztekin

Juristin, (GER)

Christof Schauwecker

Jurist, MLaw, LL.M. (USA)

Natasha Hauser

Juristin, RAK Freiburg i.Br. (GER), referenced in the list according to Art. 28 BGFA